Sunday, April 17, 2005

Living in Dhaka

I am living in a new subdivision of apartment blocks in an area called DOHS Baridhara. Below is a picture of the street where I live. My apartment is in the block on the left. I'm on the third floor at the back. The second picture shows the view from my apartment.

There is heaps of construction going on with new apartments being built all around. Its a far cry from living in Marton!! There are just so many people about.

Not far from my apartment is a small man made lake with a walkway around it. Every morning I go for a walk around the lake for half an hour. I've got to know some of the locals, a retired Colonel from the Bangladesh army and a retired Commander from the Bangladesh Navy. Here's a picture of the lake.

They breed fish in the lake and use nets to harvest the fish every so often.


Blogger dave said...

hi rob great idea i'll tell the people at church to blog you to find out how you are doing
did bronwin tell you i have discovered the reason for you incrediable complex and rare personality its your cats you have sucummbed to their mind control and adopted all four personalies i made the discoveryg while watching zephie sprawled out on the couch snoring since then i noted many other interesting manifestations of you.


1:49 AM

Blogger anne said...

Hi Rob When are you going to do some 'real work. Sorry can't chat longer off for coffee ;-]


1:47 PM

Blogger Mahbub said...

pls send me your location address in dhaka in my email address

3:59 AM

Blogger Samia said...

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5:35 PM


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