Sunday, April 24, 2005

Dhaka Hash House Harriers

Every Saturday afternoon some of us from the office finish work early and head off for the Dhaka Family Hash House Harriers. We head out into the country on the outskirts of Dhaka and rendezvous with other Hashers, who are mostly ex-pats from all over the world. After signing in we head off to the starting point of the run or walk. The idea is that we follow a trail of shredded paper left by Hash "hares". There are two groups, a running group and a walking group. I have been going in the walking group. The trail usually takes about an hour to walk and takes you through country-side that you would normally never ever see. We go through villages, vegetable plantations, small forests, bamboo groves, rice fields, over all sorts of terrain. It is good exercise and you get to see some interesting sights. I've included some photos from a walk we did on Sat 23rd April 2005. Enjoy.

Water Buffalo and Cart

Hay Making

Typical Rural Scene

Geese Family

Rice Fields

Bringing in the Rice

Transporting the Rice

Working With the Rice
The rice is being threshed by hand by the group on the left. The rice complete with husks is then spread out to dry on the concrete pad. Once dry the rice is picked up in baskets and tipped out again. The breeze blows the husks away from the rice grains. All work done by hand.

Typical Village Scene

Shah's Mansion Over 100 Years Old

River Scene

River Crossing


Blogger jo said...

Where's the shah's mansion? It looks amazing.

2:03 AM

Blogger the artist said...

When I move to Dahka I really want to take my art students to sketch the 'shah's mansion' if its accessable for that kind of activity.
great photos and I can't wait to start jioning in the walk section!

6:32 PM

Blogger ishratara said...

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