Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bangladeshi Wedding

I was invited to a Bangladeshi wedding last Saturday. The daughter of one of the local engineers in the office was getting married. The wedding actually takes place over two days. The first day is where they have the ceremony and marriage vows etc. The second day is the wedding reception. We were invited to the reception part. The photo below shows us with the wedding couple.

Mr Ahmed whose daughter was getting married is in the middle at the back. Next to him is Reza who is our office manager (please note ladies, Reza is looking for a wife. He is very handsome as you can see and has a good well-paid job. He would be a great catch. (You can pay me later Reza.)) In the front row on the right is John Kepple (a NZer) who is my boss and the Project Manager for the project I am working on. On the left of the front row is John's wife Itjieh who is from Indonesia originally. The groom doesn't look too happy. Probably sick of all the photos that he had taken. Note that the wife has a ring through her nose with a chain attached. I think the ring through the nose is something that we should take up in NZ to take care of stroppy wives. What do you think?

There must have been about 2,000 people attending the reception which was held in a large hall. They had several sittings at the meal tables just to get everyone fed. Once we had finished eating the servers came and changed the table cloth and put out new plates while we were still sitting there, implying that it was time to move on.

The food we had was Bangladeshi style, rice and mutton, fried chicken and salad and a spicy mango chutney. Very nice. They also served an unusual drink that looked like yoghurt but wasn't. It was spiced with savoury spices and tasted quite nice, a bit like spiced tomato juice, but without the strong tomato flavour.

So that was my first experience of a Bangladeshi wedding (or part of it anyway.)


Blogger Sharif said...

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6:08 AM

Blogger Bangla Bondhu said...

Hi Robin, good to meet you the other day. Your bridge epic was happening the same day we arrived here (14th April). Enjoyed your stories and looking forward to harriering with you some time. See you in the Aussie club (oops, sorry I forgot you're a KIWI and can't get in!! I've got to say, the beer and pool are great in there! We may get you in on our ticket one day.....). Adrian & Lisa.

1:17 AM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:43 AM

Blogger ishra said...

wow! u had a great experience. and the yoghurt like drink i said as "BORHANI". its made with yoghurt, mint leaves,rock salt and blak pepper!

10:06 PM

Blogger Ann said...

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11:02 PM

Blogger Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

That drink is called "borhani" and actually, it IS a yoghurt drink! The rice dishes at weddings (biriyani or polao) are very heavy dishes, and the borhani (yohurt, mint, salt and all: http://banglarecipe.evergreenbangla.com/1185) is meant to balance the richness of it all.

10:28 PM


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