Thursday, August 11, 2005

Unique Car Sculpture in Dhaka

In the Tejgaon Commercial Area of Dhaka there is a unique and very clever car sculpture made out of bicycle chains, car parts and other scrap metal. Its construction is quite amazing. Here are some photos that I took of it.


Blogger Sayed A said...

Hey, great pictures!! And very INTERESTING stuff too!! I was on a bus yesterday and saw'em. Anyway, hard to believe myself, even being born here and spent most of my time in Dhaka... haven't seen them yet until yesterday!! Am I blind!

Good luck with your assignment here and good health!

12:35 AM

Blogger Tazzy said...

Very COOL!!

8:17 AM

Blogger vipez said...

I saw theze !! but i havnt been able to photograph it yet !!

Good Work dude !

7:28 AM

Blogger Farid Ahammad said...

Good job.

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4:10 AM


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