Thursday, August 11, 2005

Bashundhara City Shopping Complex - Dhaka

One of the newest shopping complexes in Dhaka is called Bashundhara City. It has 13 floors and has about 2000 or more shops in it. The shops are mostly small boutique types and many of them sell the same sort of thing. One of the shops is actually called Robin's Heaven!!! The shopping centre is very clean, modern and tidy by Dhaka standards. Its like entering a different world. There are escalators and glass enclosed lifts that run up and down the central atrium. The atrium has an amazing coloured glass dome at the top. Here are some photos that I took of some of the architectural features of the complex.


Blogger Murray said...

Hi Robyn Great to look at your photo's Brings back memories Still not sure when I'll be back Hopefully before you leave

3:44 PM

Blogger whiteteeth said...

thank you for presenting the city of my birth in relatively positive light. i have read some other blogs by non-bangladeshis who are now living in dhaka and the tone of their blogs reminded me of conrad's 'heart of darkness' [i.e., kurtz's unfortunate response to being surrounded by the incomprehensible] ....anyway, thanks. it's amazing how a westerner will travel to a foriegn land and end up turning its inhabitants into "the other". makes you want to laugh (for there is nothing else one can do). perhaps you don't sound arrogant is b/c you are from nz (and not america). my brother is a dj in auckland btw.
ps - also, thanks for the pictures. they bring back lots of memories.

10:42 PM

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Blogger mezba said...

Hi discovered your blog through Global Voices Online.

Bashundhara City is really a great place to visit, especially for Bangladeshi living abroad and visiting back home. I am a bit concerned though that how many of these businesses are actually making money, and if the upper class shopping there spend so much as to justify those higher rents. Anyways, it's a beautiful mall.

PS. You can turn on Word verification, it stops all those spam comments immediately.

8:26 AM

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Bashundhara City Shopping Complex is really our pride. You pictures are so nice. Thank you.
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8:00 AM

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